Go Back & Fetch It: HAFA Researchers at the AMC

Go Back & Fetch It: HAFA Researchers at the AMC

In the past three years, HAFA members and Bread for the City Staff & Clients have traveled to Detroit, MI for the Allied Media Conference.

Though their intentions have run the gamut from building their computer skills to connecting with the thriving urban agriculture community, each delegate has come back with something magical to offer the social justice community in DC.

This year is no different. Among a small delegation of people who are going to Detroit next week, Tavia Benjamin, HAFA member and researcher, will be a co-presenter on the panel of the (Land & Liberty) panel on behalf of . Their description:

Land is necessary for people to self-determine their livelihoods throughout millennium. People have struggled throughout human history to wrestle the right to land away from the gentry, the monarch, and, now, corporations. Participant action research is being used in fights from California to Detroit to the Global South, to chart our historical connection to land, our collective memories, and to assert our common ownership. The panel will feature organizers-researchers from the frontlines of these struggles, who will share their stories and their findings.

Set against the backdrop of persistent land grabbing in Detroit, Tavia and her co-presenter will offer Black/Land’s perspectives on “responses to trans-historical trauma in ways that help black people become more self determining in the present.” Last year, Tavia talked to me briefly about her relationship to land and place.

Over the past year, The Black/Land Project has partnered with HAFA to help bring conversations about race, social justice, land and food to life. We have co-organized several conversations centering on the relationships that black communities have to land and place. Here’s a clip from the interactive part of our last event:

Black/Land is participating in the at the AMC, which is made up of professional researchers, community members and scholars who are applying research to social justice issues. The idea of Research Justice is based on the belief that ““

This belief has informed the community-based research methods of Bread for the City’s and HAFA’s Community Brainstormers. To deepen our understanding of the tools of resilience that are available, HAFA will be reporting live from the panel with a keen eye on what we can bring back to the communities we’re in. Please join us at our virtual network gathering:

When: FRIDAY – JUNE 21, 2013, 4:00PM – 5:30PM
Location Info:
In Person: Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, Education 169
Virtually: On Twitter Follow and

Are you going to be at the AMC? Would you like to support the group of HAFA delegates who are going next week? You can donate any amount through Bread for the City.  


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