Regular Meetings & Events

Network Gatherings

Once a month, we will gather at one of our coalition partner’s sites or events to incorporate our solidarity work into a regular practice. Network Gatherings are open for groups and individuals working on connected issues in the food system. At the Network Gathering, you’ll have an opportunity to get involved directly in our work, hear stories from people working on food justice issues from around the city and share skills for making our movements better. Check out our events calendar for the next meeting times and locations.

The HAFA Advisory Space!

One evening a week, we come together to eat and work, from 6:00 – 8:00 at the . The Advisory Space is a potluck, decision making meeting which prioritizes the participation of consistent HAFA members.

HAFA has some big decisions to make and we want many people involved. The Advisory Space is for anyone currently involved or interested in being involved in HAFA. There are different roles depending on how much work you’re doing with us.

Are you already familiar with HAFA’s work? Are you in a workgroup or have you already been to a few Monday Night meetings?

Come to the Advisory Space where we will talk about and make decisions on how we manage resources, how we meet our goals, and reflect on big picture. You will be able to participate directly in our decision making and take on a role to help us get work done between meetings.

New to HAFA? Curious about what we do? Not sure if you are ready to help us make decisions and carry them out?

Come as an observer. As an observer, you will get to look in on our process and get a sense for the time commitment and energy we are asking for without having to dive in. We invite you to ask questions before or after the meeting and to listen to the discussion. Let a HAFA staff person know you’re coming so we can fill you in. If you have never been to a workgroup meeting, talk to a HAFA Staff member about the best way to participate.

For more information about the Advisory Space, email us at or call (202) 587-0529.